Tuesday, May 10, 2011

When you can't have Kartoffelklösse then what? Spätzle!

Making Spätzle!
There are many ways to spell Spaetzle (spätzle, käesspätzle, kässpätzle,) however you spell it, these dumplings are very German in origin. In our family Spätzle was something that we made in our house, when we weren’t going to Grandma’s to have Kartoffelklösse. Since we had no idea how to make it, we resorted to buying the boxed (Maggi) brand. I can honestly say that the Spätzle in a box is actually good in a pinch. It just isn’t as good as homemade. Is anything?
Spätzle is Germany's answer to Italian Gnocchi, and Polish Kluski. What do you serve it with? Sauerbraten, Rouladen, mixed with string green beans, or Käesspätzle (more on this to follow).

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