Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Thüringer Klőbe Press finally arrived last night

Klőbe Press
I laid down to take a small rest break and when I woke up my wife told me that my neighbor called and said that a package arrived for me from his brother-in-law in Germany. I immediately knew what it was. After over 30 years my search for the mythical Kartoffelklösse machine was over. It also came with instructions, both written in German. So I sent these to my cousin in Germany to see if he could translate for me. Anyone reading this blog who has a copy of Rosetta Stone for learning German and wants to part with it, send me an email so I can learn this language once and for all.

If only I had a time machine portal, I would transport myself and the Klőbe Press back to my Grandmother’s small kitchen on a cold winter Sunday morning to help her make Kartoffelklösse. I am sure she would have been thrilled. If this had arrived a month earlier, I could have gone head to head against the professional juicer making Kartoffelklösse.
I can almost taste it now. Close your eyes for a moment and imaging walking into my grandmother's apartment building and smelling buttered bread croutons, Schweinebraten (pork roast), Rotkohl (red cabbage), Sauerbraten, Spinat (spinach), and the star of the show Kartoffelklösse and gravy.
One of the biggest obstacles when making Kartoffelklösse is keeping them from turning gray. This is caused by oxidation and is normal. As I said before, the color has no effect on the taste. My sister swears that stainless steel cookware, ice, ice cold water and lemon juice is the best answer. I have tried this method but sooner or later they begin changing color. It should also be noted that left-over  Kartoffelklösse the next morning are dark gray, on the verge of turning black. Sliced and cooked in butter they soon turn back to white. Go figure! Once you've tried left-over Kartoffelklösse with eggs for breakfast you'll never be satisfied with hash browns again. During my research a combination of vinegar and a small amount of citric acid is suppose to do the trick. I want this to be as natural as possible and not effect or change the taste. If anyone reading this has the answer please let me know.  
Pan fried Kartoffelklösse slices