Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Life In A Condo

Last October my wife and I made a decision that would change our life forever. We decided to move from our 2nd Floor 3 bedroom two flat with a basement, to a first floor 2 bedroom condominium. The first thing that we would be giving up would be the backyard. 
2 kettle grills (not pictured), 4 burner gas grill, and room to play
How do we give this up for a 12' x 4' cement patio? Forget the fact that my propane grill won't fit on the patio. Forget that my Weber kettle is not allowed because it is fueled with charcoal and the occasional wood chips for that honest smoky flavor. 
Can you smell that?
My father cooked on a Weber kettle, I cooked on a Weber kettle, my son's and daughter's cook on Weber kettles. I would say that we have over 60 years of kettle cooking behind us. I bought a propane grill two years ago and it just doesn't compare. Men, smoke and fire were meant to be together.
Gas Grill cooking
Won't fit on my patio
Don't get me wrong a gas grill comes in handy from time to time. You most certainly have more cooking surface to use, and adding a wood chip firebox brings you close to a kettle, but it's just not the same. Try standing a couple of beer can chickens on a gas grill and closing the lid. 
Chicken on the throne a.k.a Beer can chicken
Life just won't be the same
I guess I have to find a good 2 burner propane grill, preferably with a large lid, and a small side burner. Where, or where do I put a table and chairs. My hand built picnic table won't fit anymore. No more garden either. So I ask you, what am I going to do? Association rules and regulations. Who needs them?
On a positive note we no longer have to cut the grass, tend the garden, take out the trash, and shovel snow from the driveway. We also have a swimming pool, pond, a walking path and minimal stairs.  
If there are any condo dwellers out there that can help me with suggestions to help us through this transition, your comments would be appreciated. Living in small spaces is going to be a challenge. Don't even ask me about working in a tiny kitchen. Someone once said that change is good. I will be updating this blog from time to time about living in small spaces.
Memorial Day, the last Monday in May is, in the Midwest the first official barbecue day of the summer. I need to get a grill soon. Any suggestions?  

Cheeseburger with melted white American cheese and grilled onions
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