Friday, February 11, 2011

Is anybody still hungry?


I sure hope so, because about 1-1/2 hours after having a Kartoffelklösse dinner, Grandma, my Mom and my Aunt started bringing out coffee, dessert and a snack! No kidding?  Once the coffee was made, she brought out some sliced rye bread, water rolls, unsalted butter (salts not good for you), a meat deli tray with most selections ending in "wurst". To balance our diet she had another platter of sliced cheese, Limburger cheese, Herring in sour cream with pickles and onions, and Cannibal Burger (Steak Tartare).
For dessert Grandma almost always had her famous Streuselkuchen coffee cake, oatmeal and chocolate cookies, and my Aunts famous Mile-High Lemon Feather Sponge Cake, with Lemon Cream Frosting. The fact that it was light as a feather made it the perfect compliment to Kartoffelklösse dinner. My wife and I have tried to make this cake several times in the past and we are always told that it tastes just like my Aunts, but wasn't as high. Does size really matter? Apparently with the cake it does. I often wonder if it was really ever that tall, or as children it was the tallest cake we had ever seen? 
By the time our snack was done, Grandma had already wrapped up our allotment of Kartoffelklössefor the next mornings breakfast. There is just nothing like it.


Nicole M. said...

Make me Kartoff!!!!!!!!!!

Tim M said...

You need to help