Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kartoffelklösse for breakfast

Fried Kartoffelklösse
In my family the great debate still exists about which is better, Kartoffelklösse for dinner, or left-over Kartoffelklösse slices nestled up against dome eggs, bacon, or sausage for breakfast. Almost always my Grandma would holdout some of the Kartoffelklösse to send home with each family for breakfast. As soon as we got home we put the Kartoffelklösse into the refrigerator for the next morning. 
By the morning the Kartoffelklösse were a very dark shade of gray, if not black. As I said before, the color doesn't matter. They always taste good. To make the Kartoffelklösse in the morning, you simply cut them into 1/4 inch slices. The slices are then added to a hot pan of melted butter and then fried on each side until golden brown. The dark gray color seems to go away and you can see the croutons in the center. Something magical happens when being fried in butter. The slices start tuning back to a very light gray (white). After having Kartoffelklösse for breakfast the first time, hash browns will never compete ahain. What are you waiting for? Make some Kartoffelklösse!     

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