Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pure White Kartoffelklösse

Pure White Kartoffelklösse
Can you make pure white Kartoffelklösse every time? Maybe if you were in an oxygen free environment like outer space it might be possible. I would love to be proven wrong, but I really don't think that it is possible to write a recipe for making pure white Kartoffelklösse every time without the addition of some chemical additives or anti-oxidants. Every now and then you get lucky and you end up with off-white or antique white Kartoffelklösse. My sister swears that she can do it every  time by adding ice, lemon juice and using only stainless steel cooking pans. I have tried her recipe and can't make it happen. I have been told that adding vinegar will do it and boiling milk will do it. If anyone knows how do guarantee a perfect white klösse every time please let me know.   
Because of the time involved making Kartoffelklösse, often people use the less time consuming.recipe make them. That method has a recipe using flour mixed with the potatoes, eggs and often nutmeg, chives or onions.The use of buttered croutons is also not universal.This type is more Bavarian influenced and similar in some ways to the boxed Kartoffelklösse mix versions. This type is often served  in  local German or Bavarian restaurants that I've been to. If anyone has a great recipe for this type of Kartoffelklösse please send it to me.
Like most German foods I have found that there are so many recipes that change from region to region and often even in the same family.
Please submit any of your family recipes by email, or post.  

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