Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Eggs In The Nest

If you're looking for a break from German food, then today is you're lucky day. In our family one of our favorite breakfast meals had to Eggs-In-The Nest. This was one of Moms specialties when we were growing up. This awesome breakfast is what I would call comfort food. In my wife's family they call it Eggs-In-A-Frame. This breakfast dish is called by so many other names as well. Whatever you call it, it is good.
So how do you make Eggs-In-The Nest? I'm glad you asked. I grew up using white bread, however this recipe works great with whole wheat, rye, or any other bread for that matter. You're going to need a 2-1/4 inch cutter of some type. I use a jar that is the perfect size. Cut a hole in the center of each slice of bread, reserving the bread circles to serve with the nest eggs. Spread softened butter, margarine, or any other butter substitute on each side of the bread and circles and put them into a hot pan. Add a small dab of butter to the hole of each bread slice and drop an egg into each one. 

Cook the egg on the first side until the egg begins to set. Lift the corner of the bread and when it's golden brown on the first side flip it over and then flip the bread circles. They should be golden as well.
Cook the second side until it is also golden on the bottom as well. If you like your eggs less cooked take it off earlier. If you like to cheese on your eggs dd it to the nest eggs as soon as you flip from side one to side two. To make the cheese melt quickly place a cover on the pan. Any kind of  melting cheese will work here.  
Finally when the cheese melts place the toasted bread circles on top of the nest eggs and serve.
The real beauty of Eggs-In-The Nest is that it is a one pan meal. No need to take out the toaster for this treat. In our house Eggs-In-The Nest is one of the most requested birthday breakfasts that we make.

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