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Chicago Style Italian Beef

Hot dogs are high on the list when talking about Chicago style comfort foods. Hot dogs are just the beginning for most of us. The list is almost endless. Hamburgers, Italian sausage, a combo (Italian beef and Italian sausage,) Chicago style pizza, and let's not forget barbecue.
Cut X's in beef for garlic cloves
According to Wikipedia "An Italian beef is a sandwich with thin slices of seasoned roast beef, dripping with meat juices, on a dense, long Italian-style roll, which originated in Chicago where its history dates back at least to the 1930s."
Garlic cloves and parsley
Whether you like it dry, wet, or dipped, with sweet, or hot peppers, how you like your beef is really a personal preference.
Just can't slice beef this thin with a knife
Making Chicago style Italian beef is really not that difficult, if you have a deli-style meat slicer. The secret to great beef is a thinly sliced (not shaved) beef. You can get a home slicer for about $100-$200.00 price.
Just got to get the right bread
What you need to make beef: 
Olive oil

5 lbs. top round
1/2 tbsp. red pepper flakes, crushed
3 tsp. basil, dried
3 tsp. oregano, dried
5-6 garlic cloves, whole
3-4 cloves garlic minced (for au jus)
8 Italian buns (D'amato's, Turano, Gonnella)
32 oz. water
1 tsp. MSG (old school beef optional)
to taste salt & pepper
1-2 green peppers, seeded
as needed jardinere (optional)
pinch nutmeg (optional)
1 tbsp. all-purpose flour (for 5 garlic cloves)
16 oz. low sodium beef broth
Place seasonings on the top of the roast
Preheat the oven to 450 degrees.  Mix together the minced garlic, red pepper flakes, basil, oregano, garlic, MSG (if using) and a pinch of salt and pepper. 
Place the roast in a Dutch oven fat side up. Trim off any excess fat. Using a sharp paring knife cut 5 or more X's in the top of the beef, so that the hole depth is in the center of the roast. Dampen the garlic cloves with oil and roll them in flour. Using your finger press 1 floured garlic clove into each hole until the meat closes over the top. Rub the top of the roast with oil and then Rub half of the seasoning mixture on top of the roast.
Fill water
Pour the water into the dutch oven around the roast being careful not to wash the seasoning off the top of the roast and sprinkle with minced garlic  into the water. Cover with the lid and place into the oven. You may also add up to 16 ounces of low sodium beef broth if you like.
Place beef into oven
Roast the beef for 20 minutes, then reduce the heat to
250°F and bake for another 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes, add the rest of the spice mixture to the quart of water. Pour this into the roasting pan.  Roast for another 30 to 45 minutes, or until the temperature of the middle of the roast is 130°F. Remove the meat to a platter and let rest for 1/2 hour.
Allow beef to cool
Allow au jus to cool in the Dutch oven. Refrigerate the au jus until the fat rises to the top. Remove the fat and strain the liquid. When ready to serve, reheat the liquid (au jus) and allow to simmer.
Remove the excess fat (many restaurants don't)
Get your meat slicer ready and set on a very thin slice (not shaved)! Once the meat is sliced add enough for number of sandwiches that you sre making to the simmering au jus. This will finish re-heating and cooking the beef.
The thinner the better
Can you smell that?
If you like sweet peppers on your beef, wash the peppers. Slice the peppers in half, remove the seeds and white membrane and then slice them into eighths. Slice the cleaned pepper halves in half and place in a medium sized pot.
Saute those peppers
Begin to cook down the peppers occasionally stir them around so the skin of the peppers become blistered. Now add some olive oil and some minced garlic, salt, and turn the peppers until they are completely coated.  Cover and saute the peppers on medium heat until they are soft. Serve on top of an Italian beef sandwich.
You can save the rest for later
Place some meat on each bun, ladle with some au jus and top with jardiniere and hot peppers.
Can you smell that?
Cover and fry the peppers down on medium heat stir periodically until they are soft. Serve on top of an Italian beef sandwich.

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