Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Artisan Gouda Cheese

Monastery Country Cheese
A couple of days ago we received a package from our old friends Wayne and Julie. Arriving nine days before Christmas, we'll call this an early Christmas present. It said refrigerate immediately so I knew right away that it was food. "What could it be?" I wondered.
Cut in half
As I carefully unwrapped the package a card dropped out of the box. It was a product brochure about the Our Lady of the Angels Monastery and the artisan cheese that they make. I knew immediately what it was because they sent us this cheese before and it was delicious. To learn more about Monastery Country Cheese, or order some cheese for you or a friend visit their website at
The two pound red waxed wheel of Artisan made, semi-soft, Dutch-style Gouda Cheese is from the foothills of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains made by sister's. We also learned after receiving our first wheel a couple of years ago that two pounds of cheese is a lot of cheese for two people. I guess we could share it... Na!
It's Gou-da for you
Our friends told us to quarter the wheel, leaving the wax on the quarters and rub the exposed cheese with olive oil and then freeze three of them, leaving one quarter for our immediate enjoyment. When we were ready for more just take another quarter out and let it come to room temperature.
The cheese is "amazing." Support your Local merchant, even if they don't live in your state. Mo, Larry, Cheese! To catch the Three Stooges clip go to this link:
Without "a little help from my friends," chances are I never would have found this artisan cheese maker. If you know of any really good ones please leave a comment. 

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