Thursday, January 3, 2013

Deviled Ham Salad

In our house we almost always had left-overs whenever the winter holidays were over.  When Mom made baked ham, more often than not we had left-over ham. If it wasn't a honey ham Mom would clean the meat from the bone and then make split pea soup using the ham bone and any little pieces of ham. If it was a honey ham, making soup was out of the question.  
We could always count on ham omelets or ham and eggs for breakfast after a holiday. The remaining ham would be minced by hand and made into Deviled Ham Salad. It was just an amazing use for cooked ham. 
Ham in food processor
In the beginning Mom minced the ham by hand. Later, when she got a food processor her use of left-overs expanded to things like corned beef or roast beef hash. 
Add Mayonnaise

When making Deviled Ham Salad you are going to need at least a pound of cooked ham. If you don't have left-over ham you can buy and use a ham steak slice or ask for ham ends at your deli.
Add Pickle Relish... or do you call it picklelily
1              lb.           Ham, minced 
3-4          tbsp.        Mayonnaise
1              tbsp.        Dijon mustard
1              tbsp.        Prepared horseradish, optional
2-3          tbsp.        Pickle relish, sweet or dill, or both
1              tbsp.        Pimento
1              tbsp.        Onion, minced (optional)

NOTE: These measurements are general guidelines and ready for you to put in your personal touches. Mom never used dill relish. It was always sweet. Adding a little dill relish to the mix adds a sweet and sour element to the dish. Sometimes I use dry mustard powder instead of Dijon to add a little heat. Every now and then she would add some green olives stuffed with pimentos in place of the pickle relish. I like to add some Muffaletta relish, or Jardinera.

Place the ham into the bowl of a food processor fitted with the cutting blade. Replace the cover and then give it 5 or 6 quick pulses  until the ham is crumbled. Place the ham into a mixing bowl and fold in the remaining ingredients until you've reached a spreadable consistency.

At our house we prefer ham salad on Ritz crackers, saltines, or cocktail rye bread. If you made a lot of ham salad spread it on a slice of bread and add a piece of lettuce.

For an elegant and affordable appetizer cut 2-1/4" bread circles out of fresh bread and toast them lightly on one side. Spread the ham salad on the un-toasted side and place them on a baking sheet. Place a little shredded cheese on top and broil the ham teasers until slightly golden and bubbly. Enjoy!  

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