Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Single or Double Hamburger Cookies

Our friend Victoria made a platter of cookies for a birthday party that we were having for one of our children. These cookies are suppose to look like a single or double hamburger if you do it right. 
We made them once for one of our kid’s birthday parties. They were a big hit with the little ones and actually make a good project for quality time, getting messy with the kid’s.
Add sauce to bottom cookie (bun)

1 Vanilla Wafers
1 Grasshopper cookies (Keebler), or Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies
1 Vanilla frosting (sauce)
as needed Orange food coloring (sauce)
1 small bag Coconut (lettuce)
as needed Green food coloring (lettuce)
as needed coarse sugar in the raw (sesame seeds)
NOTE: You could take Oreo cookies apart, scrape off the filling and color the filling orange. Use the Oreo chocolate wafers for the hamburger. 
add lettuce (coconut) to sauce

Take the vanilla frosting and make it orange with the orange food coloring (secret sauce). Using this orange frosting mixture, frost the round side of ½ the Vanilla wafers (the bottom bun) and the flat sides of the remaining vanilla wafers (the top bun). 

Add hamburger (thin mints)
Next, take the coconut and dye it green (lettuce) with the food coloring. Place that on top of the frosting. 
Then take 1 grasshopper or thin mint cookie (the hamburger) and place it on top of a frosted cookie with coconut (lettuce). Finally, take the other frosted cookie (top) and dip the orange frosted side into the green coconut and place on top.
Victoria's Hamburger Cookies
Slightly wet the top center area of each vanilla wafer and lightly sprinkle on the sugar crystals (sesame seeds). Repeat the process to make a double hamburger. You have just made your first hamburger cookie.

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