Sunday, May 27, 2012

Indoor Pulled Pork

6 Pound Pork Shoulder
I still haven't purchased a grill and need to make some pulled pork indoors. Can I replicate the flavor of cooking a pork shoulder being cooked on an outdoor grill with plenty of smoke chips? Can it be done? I think with a little help from a product called "Colgin® Hickory Liquid Smoke" it can be. In addition to the liquid smoke you're going to need a 1 gallon Zip lock bag, some of your favorite dry BBQ rub and some sea salt. My brother who lives in the south makes a pretty good rub.
Load on the BBQ rub
When you buy a pork shoulder at the store the fatty side is generally not visible to the shopper. No problem with that because we're cooking this low and slow in our indoor oven. Trim any excess fat from the shoulder and massage the shoulder with a generous amount of your favorite dry rub. Next sprinkle the shoulder liberally with sea salt. 
Sprinkle on sea salt
Refrigerate overnight
Once the salt is rubbed into the shoulder, place it into a 1 gallon refrigerator or freezer bag. Store the shoulder overnight in the refrigerator. Buy or prepare your favorite BBQ sauce for you the next day. 
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